Very dark, green sky, thunder storm. I tried to take the dog out quick before it hit but I didn't quite make it!
This was my little 5 minute creative project today. Prosecco chair.
My #Valentine for my honey @kenchungki but you can imagine that it's for you too! <3
A little bit of bubbly will surely put a bit of a bounce in my step tonight, no? Happy #Valentines Day tweeps!
@JeffKwok My gift to you. Nothing like a porn pomelo on #valentinesday
I've been having a thing for pinot noir lately. Yum yum.
I guess it's a bit of a dog day afternoon for me...
My little husky.
@kimiecat If you don't want to lose your headphones you need a pretty pouch to put them in. That's what I did!
Lion dance in tiny shop. #HK

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