Building #airqualityegg urban sensors
Rich hangin' at Narita United Club en route Seoul to Chicago
2nd place at State. Still worth a smile. He rocked it.
State Rugby Championships today
At #urbansystems with kickoff from John @immerito Tolva.
Well hello there, Venus you look brilliant.
Christmastime is here!
Open cafe's in Idaho Falls at 6pm (one hit- a hair salon?) #boondocks
I've come to the right place then!
Breakfast at PEK? I'd like to think not.
Multiple readers in auditorium approx location of active RFID badges. Helpful to find friends in crowd.
A nice (spicy) Szechuan meal
Active RFID badge with nifty privacy/social net app
UnOfficial @amecatt time 1:59:24
Sobering. #FDNY
Very excited to put these beans into the burr grinder
Site of Dino egg scene from Jurassic Park
Allergic West (East is near UIUC)
My view today
This person has embraced his drinking problem...
Tomorrow's hike - exploring two 100-yr old tunnels (trailhead at N22'03.381 W159'27.542)
Limahuli garden - 7000 yr old terraces
CEO of @united hanging out at ORD. imagine that!
Anders Osborne - Little Feat collaborator @ canyons

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