@brandonvanhoven :(
Whatever @DJtwreck Jesus has my back. #WHATABURGER
Dinner! I have become master chef. Sorry D.
Poncho Villa's final resting place. Gunned down by Lawman Sanders. @djmechell
Aww?? @lisbethmcclain
I may have found what I'm doing today...
Hey @lisbethmcclain :)
And it begins... @lisbethmcclain
Hospital party w/ @levishultz @caseystraughn @djmechell @DJtwreck & all of @acrosswatersTX #YOLO
This is my life.
@caseystraughn nope. TRUTH.
90.9 average in Spanish. #ahyeah
How am I supposed to go with this creep staring at me? Another thing, why are his pants down?...
Messing with the jimmy johns people again.
I forgot my sunglasses so Dennis let me borrow his extra set.
Occupy Apartment Gate w/ Dennis.
New tires make it look extra nice.
Giant frog spotted on campus.
Pipe time.
Zeras has the best hot chocolate. Great study companion if you ask me.
I forgot to share what I drew in class today.

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