Facebooks equivalent of the "RT of you breathe" tweets. Not to be heartless but FUCK OFF!
@KillerLegsLau hahaha
Found a shot tonight called a Brain Haemorrhage! Don't know how it tastes but it looks smart as fuck!!!
@Gmmlsknny I miss your pussy !! x
@xxxpage Spot on I think! :)
Done! RT @delilahmusic: The breathe EP is a different version from the version on the 2011 Go EP xx
@GriffithsDetail @KIKValeting @CraigHughes1989 one of my mates is selling this? Bit old but VERY well taken care of!
@SharynMatilda75 @KillerLegsLau
@KillerLegsLau here y'are, this'll make you laugh.. #Funny or #Perverse? You decide!
@KIKValeting are you buying one?? I say get one of these!
@Foxychatters this is my personal iPhone home screen background. #Stunning x
@Cma_x I'm still on the old one. Really can't be doing with timeline. It just looks so....wank! X
@KillerLegsLau I just found an absolute BEAUTY!! But I've also found that puppies are expensive!!!
@KillerLegsLau Look! A puppy
@xxxpage Wow.. Good morning to you too! I think your picture beats mine though ;) haha
@amyletherbarrow if that's you're reasoning you may want to reconsider... Lol x
@GriffithsDetail look forward to it :) are you going down south for this?
@FoxyBarbie_ox it's 18 degrees where I am
@xxxpage just been looking through some of your Tumblr on my lunch break. This picture has made my day :):) #Beautiful

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I'm 18, laid back & always up for a laugh. Thats pretty much it. Anything I've missed just ask. K? Thanks. Bye.


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