Faith No More slayed me tonight.  I fought my way into the mosh pit for Midlife Crisis. #WeCareALot #Easy #Epic
my reaction video to ff7 remake announcement.
can’t say no to ratchet (meow)
tame impala was amazing tonight.  #LEVITATION2015 #austinpsychfest
Jungle was immaculate tonight.
CHRIS BIG MONEY DESTROYS SEATTLE…  I had to change the words to “vagina cocaine..” They didn’t want me cursing.  haha
unicorns… @Raychl_Rockstar enjoy!
Plurrrrrr bisssssh
air conditioning + slurpee = being a real boy
in a drum circle jam thing.  #UCF. Trade Fair.  Getting my arm painted.  :)
working on some 70's style porno music.  I like where this one is going!  All guitars/programming by me!
when in doubt, make beats.  beats, beats, beats!
Love Destruction rocks the house once again!  It's a shitty time to be alive!
the moon is a golden color tonight.  it's really nice!
tonight's a postal service kinda night.
this is why you don't add marshmallows with Swiss Miss.  Me and Swiss Miss have a very healthy open relationship.
so that's the word for it. For all you people who ignore all your other friends when dating someone.  Hiberdating.
got me some new CDs.  Got the new Kanye West and NIN Pretty Hate Machine 2010 remaster.  :D
Happy Halloween!  
Happy Halloween!  
Happy Halloween!  

I will be revealing my homemade costume in a few hours!
I think Florence + The Machine deserve every bit of recognition they've earned lately.  I wanna listen to em now!
I got a copy of Miles Davis's "Bitches Brew"!  Under $20 at Best Buy for a Legacy Edition with 2CDs and a DVD!  :D
new haircut!  I got a pompadour like La Roux, Janelle Monae, and those psychobilly guys.
Crystal Castles did it again!  The new material sounds great live!  People got really into it!  I love this band!!

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