Einstein and Hendrix . Love those two posters
I want this right now .
Good seats though
Haha but why does he have a seattles jersey on at the lakers /suns game haha
Haha the look on my dads eye when he saw my T
Hahaha piitb
I love how my eyes change color they look grey today
Olive garden with my nephew .
I punched him in the face now my hand is swollen and knuckle is bruised -_-
@JAMBOY75 cuz I know you're a 76ers fan , check out my new hat
I been seeing a lot guys with this hair style . I like it but just because David looks good in it doesn't mean you do.
Siri burn lol
Shit was bomb
Damn :(
Stefan would
My Friday night #Letsgolakers
Beyonce and Jays baby is beautiful
I can't wait to get this tat fixed up
I love my niece

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