Meisje in RET poster lijkt erg veel op vermoorde #MillyBoele @nrcnext @nosheadlines @NUnl
Hidden message :)
Right in front of me!
Just can't concentrate on my work!
On y va!
A rainbow flag on Zeedijk, Amsterdam.....a very gay street...meaning, stylish, sunny and good humoured :-)
Bijlmer-barcodes. Platform 3 of Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena station.
De roltrap bij Amsterdam CS.....en nu met de Fyra naar Rotjeknor.....
Just off the train...Amsterdam is full of sailors today.
Williams Bridge gets kitted out with bavaria adverts for tomorrows stupid formula 1 city races...i'm off to Tom's for bbq and i'm late as usual...
Voelt lekker.....vroeg trainen in de sportschool
The american radar-ship "50"..... leaving the port of Rotterdam this morning.
"A ship called fifty" Strange name for a ship....this morning in wet ' soggy Rotterdam.
Dansers getting ready at rotterdam central station to party....for inauguration of the R'dam-the Hague line.
Trensvestites everywhere at Hartjesdagen in Amsterdam.....Zeedijk
@Royz83 ja! Hoe weet ie dat? :-) trouwens we worden bij Leiden  ingehaald door een stoptrein!
On the bike going to gym....empty it!
The NN building at Rotterdam Central Station.
Danny vreet aan de vieze gore olijven bij de dag van de romantische muziek, rotterdam
Trouser-legs, umbrellas and varicose vains, at the festival of romantic music, Euromast Park, Rotterdam.
Dinnertime at caffe italia.....i'm hungry....the wine is fine and the talk i'm happy now :-)

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