It's a different world here in #Ukraine. No graffiti in the subway, only art. Trio of violinists playing on platform
Back to #Kyiv after an overnight trip to friends in the south.
@glennklockwood or this.. I went out in the rain just for you.
@glennklockwood how's this?
Have I died? I may be in heaven. #Українa #Ukraine
Found #craftbeer in #Kyiv! This is similar to a Belgian gueuze style sour with local sour cherries. Delicious!
Desert time!
Frank's RedHot deep fried #turkey.  Feast your eyes @RachelLaing
I used a crowbar while deep frying #turkey. A f'ing crowbar. If that's not cooking manimal style I don't know what is.
Turkey frying.. Once it's done in here it goes into a bucket of Frank's #RedHot & butter. #bestturkeyever
Big bird #1 in the smoker. Chilly night. Family is asleep. Sitting w/ smoker and I've a flask of single malt. #heaven
Progress of the #Movember mustache. My dentist will be using it as an armrest for the next hour.
My orders were "buy enough brussels sprouts for a army".
@RachelLaing Mmmmm
Pic of me in Kirk's chair on the USS Enterprise. Suck it nerds. @WilliamShatner sat here.
We won an award for the best HPC storage product of 2012.
Conference booth is complete. Ready for a week of supercomputing goodness!
What the hell is this white stuff called?
Happy Birthday #Marines! 237 years of being the finest fighting force on Earth and being humble about it.
Go vote! We did.
Behold, the scotch whisky advent calendar.
It's a trap!
"Two turntables and a microphone" nerd edition.
Took the baby to @MCASMiramarCA to see the @BlueAngels and the tanks I used to work on.

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