we maybe on different sides of the world tonight, but we'll save the dates for 2014! it will so soo worth the long wait!
idk if it looks weird but i can definitely say it tastes sooo good! thank u for the recipe  @jharyse!! prang omelet pero fried oreos to! 
2:20:17... yes! we talked that looong! and there's no monkey jumping on the bed anymore!  @katiedeguzman #savedmefromthinkingimill
fried noodles for brekky instead of fried oreos! success! im soo inspired! haha @_Noy_Noy
this Aussie girl ive met in disneyland is the cutest ever! #cutiepatotie
start of one week off from work! yay! we're
gonna miss u all but this is the beginning of our summer!! @_Noy_Noy
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us!!! #latepost
finally over! thank u for our combined efforts @_Noy_Noy! i felt like i have u as my other hand! 
FIRST of the many! yay! happiness!!!! 
and just to satisfy ur query,  look on this @ljcorpuz!!! hahaha! indi ko ya magpa sugot kundi gin search ko! tse! hahaha
saturday is me+bed time! home alone! #tranquility
a very rare pix nowadays! we are soo busy people! that's why!  @LCanne #ayeza #kathryn
nyt cap by chatting with these  crazzyyy ladies!!  @PearLannIe2 @kwinlilil #ayeza
its official!!! we're wearing shirts every friday!!! yay! @_Noy_Noy
no bouquet of flowers nor boxes of chocolates! as expected, we preferred our favorite FOODies!! @_Noy_Noy 
adventure-FULL kind of saturday! but no plans of doing it again..
this british little boy is giving me some brainstorming sessions! hahaha
relax ka gid mn @_Noy_Noy! goodnight! haha
and how about this? @_Noy_Noy 
thiss is wat u meant by RELAXING??  @_Noy_Noy
ako na bilin nga tambok saton tanan.. look @LCanne! hugs and kisses kuno cmu..
cutest chinita!!!! tamina! 
SOMETHING to look forward to..so overwhelming that my dream last night wud be coming true.. i can hardly wait!   @katiedeguzman @_Noy_Noy
i just realized that while im busy eating and increasing my weight everyday, my Little nose is sinking over my round face! eeewww! 

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