55" 1899.99 now we talking
♬ '09 - Pleasure P - Fire Lovin' - Pleasure P ♪
I bet you remember this lol RT @PrettyTiffTiff "My memory is so bad."
@PrettyTiffTiff u dnt have to lie lmao here u should use this as your defualt
@RatedTP13 ooo I can imagine lol cause I'm watching it now
Jammin that inspiration by jeezy n getting off on that COD
My jogging route yea Alllll The way to the end and back...I'm out of breath thinking bout it
Chilling in my beautiful serene souroundings
Highlight of my day ♥♥♥ if yall see me tweeting stuff that dnt make sense please stop n correct me lol(tired)
♬ 'Who I Am' - Wiz Khalifa ♪
See them Versace frames I paid a couple dollars for em (not cheap)
I dnt fight but that 9 will slit em
@Schoolboy954 this is y I'm anti blunt them wraps ain't good for u man it's all bout these lol
Done with school work for now.....who wanna join the next activity?
 super OLD!  @Schoolboy954 nigga u never told me I had a fro lol
Who knows da answer to this??? lol some weird ass game on my phone
2 ahead 5 behind better be a sale going on lol
This all I can manage to find SMH I ain't have 1 of these in a min.
♬ 'Ms. Parker' - Young Money ♪
Cheesy gordita , beefy 5 layer n a chicken quesa. Ayyy(millz voice) LEGGO

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