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Christian Trap Music 

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she does Christian Trap Music and it is a collective term encompassing various musical genres of Christian music. It includes electronic, rap, hip hop, pop Christian Trap music doesn't have blatant rock or pop songs. Christian Trap is more often known for its melodious, peaceful, downtempered, spiritual and uplifting sound, which closely mirrors the teachings of Christianity.

Christian Trap music differs from mainstream gospel music in the sense that it has a spiritual sound and message. Gospel songs are usually about a particular Christian or spiritual issue, such as Biblical scriptures, a message for Sunday worship, or asking for God's forgiveness. Christian Trap music deals more with spiritual messages and Christian related topics.

While Christian Trap music contains some gospel music elements, it also includes other types of music. In fact, trap music and Christian music sometimes sound similar, especially in its melodies and instrumentation. But where trap music truly shines is in its lyrics.

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