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Christian Trance Music 

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Christian Trance Music has been coined by some Christians to describe their style of Christian music that features peaceful, slow numbers that have been used during special prayer sessions. Christian Trance Music has been growing in popularity in recent years as Christian musicians increasingly turn to these types of quiet numbers to help them prepare for more difficult moments that occur when preaching. Christian Trance Music also tends to use sounds like waves, waterfalls, bells, or other natural sounds that give the listener a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. This type of music also gives Christian worshipers time to speak in tongues, or declare their love of God while listening to the tunes. Many people enjoy using Christian Trance Music at home for relaxing purposes or to gain a closer connection with God.

Because Christian Trance Music tends to be sung in a lower tone than regular Christian songs, it can be more soothing and help you relax. Most Christian musicians who create Christian trance music are known as "trancesurgeons" due to the repetitive nature of their sound signatures. Christian Trance Music usually comes in a simple piano or guitar format but many Christian musicians have adapted their sound to come in other forms. Some Christian Trance Music can only be heard while standing still while others are sung and played at a normal singing speed.

One characteristic Christian trance music shares with other forms of Christian music is its tendency to use a low level of synthesizer tones that are notated using regular musical instruments. A good example of this is the sound of organ chords in traditional Christian hymns. While these can be extremely uplifting and inspiring in traditional worship, they lack the reach and impact of a synthesizer. The use of minimal lyrics also adds depth to Christian Trance Music as it leaves room for the free expression of emotions in the lyrics. This is very good to do when trying to communicate your deeper feelings about the messages of your hymns.

Another characteristic of Christian trance music is its heavy use of feedback. Although it is not uncommon in other forms of Christian music, Christian trance music tends to be especially heavy with its use of feedback. Some popular Christian artists who have made use of feedback in their worship songs include: Kaleidoscope and Allelujah Ministries among others. Christian musicians who are prominent in Christian Trance Music include: Kaleidoscope, Kevin Drury, Ra

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