Thinking of you..  -- #KS
@PurpleBrina17 :)
The Moods of Emma #Watson Vs. Kristen #Stewart.
@KrazyK85_ @PurpleBrina17 #MasturbatoryMonday #MM
@KrazyK85_ LOLZ!
@KrazyK85_ Ooo.. oh yeah? *winkwinknudgenudge*
@KrazyK85_ .. got you a prize! ;)
Sometimes the words are more important than the points. #korrysmith
I thought it was #motorboatmonday! RT @KrazyK85_: Blah Monday!  :/
Never leave home without it!
@KrazyK85_ Still looking for a summer job? #workitbaby
Happy Wedgie Wednesday, everyone! #wedgiewednesday #ww
This is a perfect example of why I have a hard time paying for digital, non-physical media. Can anyone else see the problem here?
@KrazyK85_ Ooo, I found an outfit for you!
Yes! I got a #Batman toy in my Happy Meal!
Just a little pollen.
Just wanted to share this pretty amazing photo I took earlier today.
@KrazyK85_ Do they have lots of balls? I don't know elf anatomy very well, just that female night elfs are pretty hot.

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