The (amazonian) post man brought me some nice music today! Can't wait to crank them up. #fb
Just cleared the house of 9cm's of Huntsman spider (&that's only a medium sized one!) #fb
The Middle East performing 'Blood' at #BDO Sydney. It's a scorcher, but the music is good! #fb
Tomorrow in australia. #fb
Eureka tower, MCG and Yarra river, looking south east from the city. #fb
Melbourne, from the top. #fb
Driving past 'lake' george after a successful wkend in Sydney. It really is quite a spectacular vista (esp w the wind farm on the far shore) #fb
And as for you, Mr Long-grass-in-the-backyard, may I introduce Old Inefficient-but-scary-looking Hand-mower.
Glorious evening in melbourne! the Melb Int Arts Festival is on, so I got a ticket to see Apocalypse Bear Trilogy at the MTC tonight. #fb
At the Salamanca markets... yum! #fb
And then to the Telegraph Hotel for $5 meals and $4 premium beers... Need some strength for the disc golf comp tonight. #fb
Our next stop- with live hillbilly bluegrass, home made single malt and a fire to warm us up. #fb
We got sucked into the Cadbury factory in Hobart, and left with a LOT more boxes than we arrived with! #fb
Kaboom still winning the party! This time it's jess and waz representing. #amuc09
Kaboom wins the party! John, Tom and Tom represent (and promptly go home). #amuc09 #fb
And then we try to write 'Kaboom' in shadows. It didn't really work, but was fun! #fb #amuc09
Then the Kaboom girls(Mica, Riss, Vickie and Jess) do the girl band shot. Good fun! #fb #amuc09
Waz, Myall, James, AJ and John doing the boy band pose on Mt Wellington. Priceless! #fb #amuc09
Hobart really is a very pretty city! Keen to explore it (and Tassie) more. #fb
Lunch (and Tom)
 #amuc09 #fb
Pool game 1 at #amuc09 : Kaboom vs Pillow Fight. Team names prevailed&we had a comfortable victory. #fb
I stocked up on some light & not-so-light reading material for this trip- and even got a free bag! Thank you Penguin books. #fb
My artwork, circa 2001

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