Mizuya restaurant  Location: "karaoke" never been here b4- it's pretty fun!!!
Oh why hello there sunshine, it has been a while- I've missed you! Can you pls stay a little while? #kthnxbye
Promoting the release of Donky Kong- reminds me of the times when we use to play Nintendo...
hah just ate pad Thai w/ my fingies 4got cutlery #duh... Lil duckies & mumma dropped by 4 lunch...
Home from #redrescuers victory party!! twas good & fun!!
#Super happy I got my first magazine subscription from  @NatGeoSociety  yay!
countries, flags, national anthem, poems.. Fun times, lots of laughs at #connect >>this is what I got:
Sydney at it's best!,,
Sydney at it's best!,
Sydney at it's best!,
Sydney at it's best:
gutèn mörgèn! twas reading & came across what I remembered to b my fav verses (well it still is) when I was new:
O mee gosh I scared my self thinking I double booked,I didn't, phew! anyways Sydney decided 2 shine,check it out:
She: @Julee_13 called it 'girlfriend' time I call it "hangout"- I prefer my term much better!!  
Fun times with these gals last night!!!
Good morning to a humid day! ... Photo = is a great song to get stuck in your head!
Yay #REDRESCUERS won!! "vision for mission" whooop!!!
Koorong, bought 2 books then got a free one + a magazine! yeah!!
Was at Outback Penrith with:
Friday: heading home 4 #AOF night..looking 4ward 2 it// hopefully my bladder holds I just drank a small size  of
at Coles buying


I can hear #spicegirls
@danineteen ngaww ure apart of it 2 w/@MaryJhonica @nicaladyan,mamaFaith, TJoy..#anastasia was just d top 1!haha!
hello there! #best weekend!! heaps of fun w/ #redrescuers best time w/ family #CTJ & had d coolest roomie, c foto:

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