Needed this for a smile today: grad student in my former lab made a ß-clamp #Christmas decoration. #CraftyScience
Kind of shocked I haven’t seen this flying around yet from the #RobFord supporters. #FordNation
Maple Bacon Lattes. I’m clearly regretting not just doing my computer work at Café Noir this weekend.
@niagara_view Shit. I think power is out in my neighborhood, too!
I seriously need to look at investing in a waterproof backpack/satchel for my work cycling commute…
Talk about a selection of sauces at @hogtownsmoke!
@niagara_view Like this? Or is this a specific event?
@stephielei Dangit, now I don’t feel nearly as special with my freebee fruit punch!
Cause I know these are @snephew25’s FAVORITE medium of social media! #QR
Tofu fried rice? You’re cheap protein; let’s see how it goes!
I wonder if @thenickguy would be jealous… #BahnMi
NOW I’ve got some #KraftDinner! cc: @niagara_view
This building (or maybe just this floor) is a networking nightmare!
I babied that bitch for TEN YEARS! And this is how she repays me: going to pieces! #weepy
No sewing machine around, so these curtains will have to suffice for now! #JackOfAllTrades #YesImDomestic
Uhhh. Holyshit. THAT’s where that wind came from…
Colored toilet paper. What the heck?? #weird #WalMart
Making coffee while listening to music on a vinyl. Is this what hipster mornings are made of?
My new ‘hood has an ice cream truck! Never heard that truck music before though…
Foursquare, quit playing with my emotions! cc: @theBMFT
Oh. Well hello there bruise #1. You’re the first one to show up after last night!
@mspowers No doubt. I was wondering why those clouds looked so dark on my way in the diner…
HAH! @whereslloyd #RocketSauce to the rescue! #RefrigeratorCrutch #winning
Motorcycle parade on Elmwood. #DaFuq?

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