thank you sooo much gabby_da_tabby !!
ooooh pressies from @gabby_da_tabby
thanks @bijntje my first chrimbo card
we won some @happpiii monsters
we found a new winter coat for fizzle
oh dear, it's raining
a bit of peace
9½ mph
a fuzzy close?
sandcastles @bijntje
making sandcastles @bijntje
a spot of rock climbing
i think there should be a lighthouse round here somewhere
me & wheatus looking out to sea
these cakes were HUGE (the flapjacks were about 1½" thick)
wheatus is thinking about sharing his cake cluster
on the beach in weymouth
bailey's got one too....
i've got a new kagoool for my holi's....must be staying in the uk
@oatuling i've got a 'bailey' too!!
he comes bearing gifts
he's arrived! he's arrived! baby @bijntje is here!!
beach huts and bears....

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