Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!!!
@josephpine is mentioned in the presentation of @andybudd about design & experience. I like this book! #tnw2013
@andybudd talks about design and how important this is for companies #tnw2013
@corhospes is on stage! Leuke colbert #hip #onlinetuesday
@erwblo Amsterdam heef al jaren tekort aan hotelkamers. Slecht voor het toerisme in de stad als ze tegen Airbnb ingaan.
It's almost 5 o'clock in Amsterdam @ThinkSM Who's joining? #fridaydrinks
Friday morning at #enter2013 Where is everybody?
@jvth is on stage #enter2013 #google
@ch_br_ is on stage talking about "how did social media become an integral part of our strategy? #myswitzerland #enter2013
@travel2dot0 is on screen at #enter2013
Speciaal voor @fellinger :) #ijsberen #churchill
@kimfeenstra is talking about her life #tedxamswomen
@wilhemus is on stage #travelnext
Mijn burgemeester geeft een speech #stedelijkmuseum

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