@ixalopolis But of course!
@allisontype Cheers!
@alexdecampi @lordretail I saw an amazing Bowie at SDCC last year!
@Nicest_Girl_Evr This reminder of you @ the Isotope always makes me smile.
@SteveNiles I took a photo of the best t-shirt that came in Isotope front door yesterday for you.
@hermanos "Solid/Naked Snake > Nick Fury" - no way. Nick Fury wears a shirt that is a bomb. And he still smokes.
@joshbot Who loves ya? ((rings a bell)) It's Martini time, baby.
Basil Chi-Chis at Hula's Bar & Lei Stand. Waikiki beach.
"This is like PRISON PIT for pre-schoolers! I have to have it!" @MrJohnnyRyan @Kochalkaholic
This year my Halloween was ruled by Lady Gaga. It was pretty awesome. #GagaWeen @Nicest_Girl_Evr
@Nicest_Girl_Evr Your #GagaWeen adventure 8.
@Nicest_Girl_Evr Your #GagaWeen adventure 7.
@Nicest_Girl_Evr Your #GagaWeen adventure 6.
@Nicest_Girl_Evr Your #GagaWeen adventure 5.
@Nicest_Girl_Evr Your #GagaWeen adventure 4.
@Nicest_Girl_Evr Your #GagaWeen adventure 3.
@Nicest_Girl_Evr Your #GagaWeen adventure 2.
@Nicest_Girl_Evr Your #GagaWeen adventure 1.
PARKER: MARTINI EDITION - Lots of "extras" from likes of Darwyn Cooke, Ed Brubaker, Tom Spurgeon, & Abby Westlake.
PARKER: MARTINI EDITION - New 10 page story, around 25 new pages of jaw-dropping pin-ups.
PARKER: MARTINI EDITION - It is huge! Here's the table of contents.
Darwyn Cooke's PARKER: MARTINI EDITION is gorgeous! Regular slipcase on left, LBCC slipcase at right.
@jsos I'd catch so much crap, way too easy. This is me *not* trying to dress as Isotope at SDCC:
@Gary_M_Miller These were seriously *hard* to get... but thanks to @Agent_M we made it happen!

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