@egg104 Love my haircut and the conversation!
@nonstopmari Is Eat The Street Japan on Mar 22 or 29? The flyer at Mililani said 22. The Street Grindz website says 29.
@MikeSumida Facebook for iPad is a mix of all of the Facebook apps out there. Very similar to MyPad.
@trulyjoannies  @EdOshiro Here's the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAcommercial. Kinda shaky. Sorry.
Super Mario! #halftone
Tropical Storm Irene Hits Puerto Rico
Not sure if this has been corrected but I was reading today's AT&T story and isn't the term spelled "backhaul?"
Buy me @michael_choy!
Skype for iPad released!
Popbooth is cool but no Twitter integration and save to camera roll feature. Had to email this to myself.
Setting up the mini @CofficeClub.
Check this blurb from The Daily about the TSA scandal at HNL:
Weather Doodle is free in App Store!
Blocky Video
All of your #iPhone #iPad apps are now in the #iCloud:
This is new: #iPhone #iCloud
@SideGravy This is not a great picture but it's my point of view. #LanternFloatingHawaii
Rain gauge readings on Oahu:
Finally got the Watch ESPN app to work. Here's a screenshot from my iPhone 4:
My @rsuenaga home screen background. Yes I have a lot of apps. #rsuenaga
My @rsuenaga iPhone lock screen. #rsuenaga
Sports heaven: game on the left; Twitter on the right.
My new boombox:
View from Magic Island

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