Author Francesca Simon; Horrible Henry author... also in todays Independent.
Another pic from my shoot with Alex Ebert from @EdwardSharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, for the Indy on Sunday ...
Alex Ebert; of Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros in Paris last week, shot for the Independent on Sunday.
Carnival preparations at the calo festival yesterday, for the Independent #photography ...
Just got these brochures through from a client... really pleased, pictures were used really well.
Fun shoot with the lovely Olivia from @bigwinefestival, thanks for your time... here's my favourite. #photography
A family portrait of my sister in law, who is expecting twins. Shot on... wait for it... film!! #photography
Tottenham yesterday; a week after the riots.
Quick ambient light portrait of PC Paul Warner, who was in the London Riots last week. In today's Independent
So... I photographed Helena Christiansen today (true) #photography
Honored to shoot Gerda Shenfield yesterday; who went back to Germany to find out what happened to her Jewish parents.
My favorite picture from the Chap Olympiad, in London yesterday, shot for the Independent.
My friend @coxin140; shot today... for... well... fun!!
Just found this; in my back catalogue from Tanzania earlier in the year.
Gay Pride yesterday, always fun to photograph. Here's one of mine for the Independent #londonpride ...
Fred Marafono, Ex-SAS soldier and mercenary, main interview in today's Independent, pic by me...#photography...
Portrait of my friend @chrisslowe at last nights BBQ; thanks for coming over dude, love this one. #photography ...
Labour MP, Jon Cruddas, shot for The Independent on Sunday yesterday.
Just got a roll of 120mm back, really exciting... It's from my recent trip to Tanzania #photography
A little portrait I shot last week; wasn't sure about it at first... it's a grower... #photography ...
My favorite picture from last weeks shoot with Marcus Brigstocke (@marcusbrig) in todays Indy. #photography ...
Under pressure to deliver a product shoot; this is what my Saturday night looks like. #photography ...
My "apprentice" for the day. Lee Mallinson, an Apprentice Wool Grader that I shot today in Bradford for Bloomberg News.
Shot this yesterday at Epsom Derby; it's not all toff's and champagne... trust me. #photography...

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