@BTLSRadio check out this Calta troll FB acct
Of course it was... Freaking prudes....
@brenthatley @Matt_Spice_Loyd @BTLSRadioIO thought you guys would appreciate this
@brenthatley hey dude found this and thought of you...
@BTLSRadioIO @brenthatley saw this for manson
@BTLSRadioIO @brenthatley saw this for manson
@BTLSRadio is this you?
   Word...
Girls who wear hair sticks make my dick hard... Just putting that out there! Hears some toe for ya!!!
And these
And these
And these
Obviously people need to be educated on what beautiful tits look like..., For example these
As seen on cutecunts.tumblr.com
Words with friends against  @tsunamiliese... Testing the decency limits of the game...
RT @jane_bot I know a few women who's vaginas could benefit from a pacifier. ( I added the pic )@justdisorderly
Where is my pen???

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