@Energizer bought these AA's for the touch. Open it and the touch takes AAA! That's sneaky. I'm going to Duracell
Censorship gone crazy! And they wonder why piracy is huge in Asia? #MissFirecracker #SundnaceChannel
Please fix the EPG 4 this show. It's called "7.30" & is news/current affairs. Has been wrong for over a month! Tx
@rickygervais my favourite coffee mug, over 10 years old, just happens to have your mug on it!
@QantasWallabies and here is my girl bouncing around in her Wallabies kit.
Could Fox Movies Premium possibly fit anymore crap on the screen? & it's on permanently too. They have no idea.
Awan Nano #AJL26
GTA 3 on iPad is simply the best game out there and it's 10 years old! it's even got the old hidden sign Easter egg.
StarWars & Lego at Bangsar Village 2. I could have stayed there for ages.
@ganee wtf! according to that web site I've only got one year left in me!
@Eanhitz This IS Rania! :)
Time for a morning swim
Painting in my Villa in Bali, love it
Selamat Hari Wanita! RT @Rozina_Aziz @JustinRoseworn Swear it's not me. What commercial is this?
Astro has released its iOS app that enables users to book recordings while being away from the TV.
Nice sunset this evening
Civet cat? Didn't want to get too close, what ever it is?
@marinemonkee spotted on the way to work
GoogleEarth view. Egyptian Museum (right) NDP HQ (left) which is currently on fire #Egypt #Cairo
So cool to fly over KL this morning. Thank you Captain @jfkjohan (sent the pics to your FB)
Now I can see your ear over skype on iPhone
Now I can see your ear over skype on iPhone
That laser pointer pic is actual from Kuwait v Australia in January http://j.mp/hqJWoK

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