@MoJoOno as I was saying...
Great night with the daxko gals, and what a great photobomb!  @BibbaCroft @wmtaylor  @kelelioli
@MoJoOno ummm @ryanlochte is my background, and I couldn't be happier. God Bless America. Go #teamusa
@spann another from the Kress Building
@spann on top of the Kress Building downtown for YP
I'm sad I'm not with my daddy on this Father's Day, but he's always in my heart. I love you Biggin!
@landonhowell does she look familiar? :)
Thank you @apbenetollo, you make my job so much more enjoyable too! This made my day!
Melts my heart...
I just couldn't help myself...
Big thanks to my daddy for picking me so I could let my little one out...even had time for a belly rub- his fav!
Do I look the part??? #Dega
DEGA BOUND! Wow...can't believe I just said that...
Don't leave!!
How am I going to leave this face tomorrow?? I'll miss my Butters!
@MoJoOno how's this for sparkys for ya??
I'm here! Let the learning begin!
@itsdrewww yep! Well her c-section was this morning :)
Pre-flight drinks with the hubs @KOB74 see you in just a few hours! #cocktailtime #tgif
Seeing red? @wmtaylor look what just arrived! Feelin' tha need for a mid-day fashion show...
@BMSummerville thanks lady but I won't be too stylish if I keep eating these every Friday! #donutaddiction
my orchid came back from the dead!
Is it just my imagination or has Elle magazine photoshopped a pregnant woman?Come on, you know J Simpson is a tad bit bigger than that...
Just received this by the fabulous @ameliastrauss. I'll be in LA April 18-22, play date please if you're free!!

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