giving all I got to get to where I want out of life.
1:11 @savannaheleven
@timlincecum 5⃣5⃣ is the man!!!
⚾️ It's #OrangeFriday!!! ⚾️ Lets #BeatLA  @SFGiants #SFGiants #SF #LetsGo @AmyGGiants
feels good 2 be stepping foot in éS shoes again!
Happy Birthday Rick!!
Happy #StarWarsDay!! #SFGiants @SFGiants @AmyGGiants
I love Mexican food!!!!
#foodporn of the day.
Happy Hump Day!✌️
Gotta keep moving forward.
Traveling | Company | Coffee
Feels good 2 be home. Super sore body, first time landing in scorpion position..
This is Incredible! Haha @JimCarrey #Oscars

Happy Tuesday!✌️
So siked...FINALLY got another tattoo I've been wanting 2 get! :)
@NataliaKills has gotta be the baddest chick!!
Love you ma...Happy Valentines Day!!!❤️
Slightly addicted 2 these fuckers! Haha
@SFGiants @AmyGGiants
#TimmyLincecum #SFGFest
I wanna go 2 Mardi Gras & Coachella this year!!!

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