Is my shop bright enough in this?
I opened it. It was full of rubbish. From
Introducing the Kigali Post box
At the bank. In the getaway vehicle.
Finally... got the Kigaliwire blog up and running
Going to the butchers in Nyamirambo
Looking up from the pavement in Nyamirambo at you looking down
Carrying a large oil drum in Nyamirambo
Walking around Nyamirambo looking for the football room
At the newsagent. 500 Rwf for the daily rag
Heading home
Disused phone box in Nyamirambo
The President Paul Kagame mobile in Nyamirambo
Kigali post office destruction watch continues
The old Kigali Post Office is almost gone
Tailors, photocopiers, electronics, hotels?? Whatever you want, we got it
Cash Power - it's what keeps the candles burning in Kigali
Sheltering from the rain on boulevard de la revolution
I think the book store is closed today
Fish brochettes
Newspaper sellers opposite the Milles Collines hotel today
Heading home in a taxi. Mucho mobile tweeting today.
Nakumat at the Union Trade Centre
The kigaliwire site is just about ready. Here's an early screenshot

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