Gosling sighting in Manhattan (no, not that one, the other fuzzier version).
.@ekai showing off his new DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus drone
It's such a beautiful day on Cavendish Beach, here on the north shore of Prince Edward Island.
LLC members re-signing Laughing Squid LLC on Brooklyn Bridge (original was signed on Golden Gate Bridge)
plain slice to stay
about to enter the giant glass cube that sucks money out my wallet
There's a fire on the west side of Manhattan, anybody know what it is? There's a lot of black smoke.
drinks on the La Quinta rooftop in Koreatown, enjoying the close up view of the Empire State Building
happiness is making it to the front of the @shakeshack line
checking out the pasta at the @eatalynyc, a huge new Italian food that just opened on 23rd & 5th
beautiful Mount Hood
brunch at Tin Shed on Alberta in Portland
somehow we always seem to end up at Hawthorne Strip
the carnage here at Lucky Lab
had a great tour of @darkhorsecomics earlier today, big thanks to @fearingamerican for showing us around
lunch with @hrlori at the Hidive, looking out at Pier 28 & the Bay
beautiful afternoon in San Francisco
The Flying Monkey
Giant Squid Toy
Tiki Cat Food
Drink Bot Needs a Drink
Darth Vader Stencil

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