For better or worse, I've taken the Snapchat plunge. 🙋🏻 #EverythingEverything
Happy 6th Birthday, Om Nom! Hope you celebrate with lots of sweet treats. 🎂  @Cut_The_Rope
Just finished reading this and now am looking forward to seeing the film. Note to self: Bring lots of tissues.
Yep, makes perfect sense to me! 😉 #comic
I enjoyed this delicious Mickey pretzel! 😊
I couldn't leave Disneyland without getting a photo with Mickey, himself! ❤️
Greetings from The Mouse House (a.k.a. Disneyland)! I had a wonderful time at "the happiest place on Earth." ❤️
Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian family and friends! 🇨🇦
Even more therapy humor!
More therapy humor!
Look what was waiting for me when I arrived home, this afternoon: "Frozen" Tsum Tsums! ❄️❤️
This is painfully accurate.
This made me chuckle!
What could possibly be better than #Oreos? Why, #Minion Oreos, of course! ❤️
Wise words from the Dalai Lama about the futility of worrying.
Yup, I couldn't agree more!
Love this t-shirt!
Love this quote from Carl Jung. True alchemy.
Love this quote...truth!
My Tsum Tsum sticker book!
My 2015 Comic-Con Tsum Tsum buttons!
Check out my Minion Tic Tacs, and if you're wondering, they're passion fruit-flavored (not banana-flavored)!
Here are the latest additions to my ever-expanding #TsumTsum family: the characters from "The Little Mermaid!"

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