@rustymk2 in the parking lot at work this morning. Second I looked at it, it struck its attack pose.
Bloomington Brewing Company's Ruby Red. #Smooth
@okkervilriver bar in Indianapolis. Makes no sense and I laugh every time I see it this.
Light morning reading...
The best part of waking up is Cornerstone Coffee's Black Thunder in your cup.
When life slips you a Jeffery...
@officialitsinme best attempt at a fan sign while having a late lunch / early dinner...
@THollandAccount saw this and thought of the band
@LBender0401 #Upland Ard Ri #Smooth
@jnuhlane ha!  2 in already
@LilyloverTrish @deuceonx103 @X103 round 2
@LilyloverTrish @deuceonx103 @X103 and it's empty
@Krow3388 @Jlin7 @nyknicks yeah...cause everyone forgot. Lol. #FoolishKrow @giants #Champs
Eric Carmen. LOLOLOLOL
Tuesday 10pm. Imaging Saturday night?  #SB46 #NFLexperience #GoGiants
Reaching for the pass!  #SB46 #NFLexperience
@deuceonx103 @LilyloverTrish ouch
Douglas Henning!!!!!! @Schultz1260 @MATTfromX103 #randomTweet
Ziggie is not feeling well. He's parked on top of me looking pathetic.
Lot of truth to this...
Owling? In! RT @CNN Forget planking -- who's up for owling? http://on.cnn.com/rsayOu

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