This is gonna be fun to walk around with for the next month...NOT #thisbootwasmadeforwalkin #tryintostaypositive
Happy Birthday @michaelperuggia! OMG u can drive now lets hope we have better luck with u driving then with me drivin
So excited my little cousin Larissa picked me as her sponsor for confirmation
Im Officially 21!!! #newlicense
 @michaelperuggia cleans my car so in return I drive him places, that's true friendship lmao
@PatKevorkian we should send this to cait lol
It shouldn't matter wat color  @LauraOsnes hair is she is the perfect Cinderella regardless
The reveal of dress!  @CinderellaBway @LauraOsnes
@Jen__Cody @JuliaMurney @Hunter_Foster were doing a Christmas Toy Drive for the children affected by hurricane sandy, here is the flyer with the details of how you can help, also if you can pass it on
#TweetADrunkPic  @jayyyyypee 20th birthday
#TweetADrunkPic  @JessicaIsNice take me back to freshmen year and 55th!
"we are best friends because our parents couldnt handle us as sisters"- These are more than my best friends their my sisters #nationalsisterday  @JessicaIsNice @jayyyyypee @cescalinaxo @Caitlin_Bryce
#embaressyourbestfriend  @jayyyyypee love ya girlie <33
omg just met Brian Darcy James in starbucks!!
This is wat  @jayyyyypee does to get ready for a show lmao
@jayyyyypee's first time at Panera Bread
Happy Birthday Coco
This my best friend  @jayyyyypee u gotta love her
Tony shirt is all ready
1 bottle down 5 more to go!!!
@Caitlin_Bryce lmaooo

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