Quinoa w/spinach, caramelized eggplant, feta, pine nuts, & za'atar yogurt sauce. It's good to be home.
The air cleared overnight, but by 10:30am you couldn't see from the summit to the other side of the valley:
We started our first rope ascent around 6pm Sunday, & the valley was still full of smoke:
D confnoise Here are the three sunscreens I currently use:
We're off to Yosemite Saturday for a week of rope ascent & SRT rappelling. 

Air quality index: 

Pantry surprise for dinner! Curried lentils & potatoes w/tomatoes & garam masala -  surprisingly delicious:
test inline
90°. 80% humidity. So of course today is run-rope-for-El-Cap day. Currently questioning my life choices.
Good thing, too, since it was the leading edge of this:
As usual, @EffinBirds perfectly captures my day so far:
Found this at @VirginiaABC on our way home this weekend. I'm a bit embarrassed at how much I like it… 😳
28 August 2018 - #LookUp 

Who has two thumbs & just bought a new Subaru?
One last family photo...
This is... not how I expected to start my day.
Heading up to WV for a week end of rappelling, climbing, & camping at the New. Starting the basement gear pile...
Hacking all the things with @dualcoremusic
Apparently one application of #blockchain is to make me a better... rock climber?
Master class on how to master baiting - @bace16_ dropping some serious self-knowledge tips on us at @CarolinaCon:
.@reonfleek using Chutes & Ladders to explain how a Sankey Diagram can be used for infosec data vis @CarolinaCon:
After a week of travel in Chicago & NYC, homemade dinner is best dinner. Quick comfort food - eggplant pesto gratin!
Good day for Small Party Self-Rescue practice with our #BCCS caver crew at the Philly Grotto's VA fieldhouse...
Looks like (more) snow in the Cove this weekend...

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