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HOUSTON i think we gotta problem #BIBIJONES ...
18 Jul 2012 09:04

HOUSTON i think we gotta problem #BIBIJONES ... 

It's 8.00 am in the UK (i'm here on a sexy business trip) and a copy of #NURSES2 has showed up (a little birthday treat to self) and the 1st scene is my sweet #BIBIJONES getting seen to by #ERIKEVERHARD . This is the guy who fucked #MISSYMONROE & #TEGANPRESLEY in Teenage Spermaholics years back. My poor #BIBI will never be the same again! She's getting doggied as we speak. Sniff she's been tainted by Everhard, still i gotta admit, it's getting me kina HORNY! L! BiBi Jones #tittytuesday

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posted by Lucifer Lordoflies 26 Aug 2012 10:33

This picture almost has 3000 views #MIDDLEWEIGHT! Ok moah shout outs: EMAD AJA, TOM GOSLING, SIMON J ROBINSON (where u going with the J this isn't HARVARD mf -10 points #fail) ESTWING1979, FLORIN licking the floorboards!, MAHA S, CHRIS FOX who prolly isn't, BRADLEY SMITH all grab urself 10 points! SJR goes back to 0 points 4 trying 2 be flash. WELCOME TO HELL MFS! U r all gonna BUUUUUURRRRRNNN BWA HA HA HA L!

posted by Lucifer Lordoflies 26 Aug 2012 09:39

BiBi Jones A plus for perfect boobs. Top gurl! Okay i wanna start grading some followers, listen mutherfukkaz, i spent all night, went through 3 pens and used up 25 pages to list most of u 530 followers so respect ur shout outs u losers...or else! BRENDON SMITH, NICK NOLTE, BOXHEAD * see me after class, CRAIG LENO, DOUBLE D, ROBERT PARKS (his meat, i bet he does the durty bugger) BOBBY VEGA, BURNT SUSHI & JORDAN MITCHELL ur all OLD SKOOL instant 10 points. L!

posted by Lucifer Lordoflies 25 Jul 2012 07:37

1558 ...wait...

posted by Lucifer Lordoflies 21 Jul 2012 10:47

947 views 4 #BIBIJONES some nawty ones soon come. L!

posted by Lucifer Lordoflies 21 Jul 2012 07:09

Yeah yeah like a VEGAS GURL yeah yeah like ur famous gurl! Big up 2 CONOR MAYNARD Brightons finest HOLLLLAAAAAA! Bouce #HLD Hell's finest!

posted by Lucifer Lordoflies 21 Jul 2012 07:06

I just wanna say at this point JUSTIN BIEBER is an openly gay man. If Selena Gomez came round 2 my place i'd have panties off in 10 mins yeeeeooooowwww! Let's do this!

posted by Lucifer Lordoflies 21 Jul 2012 06:56

900 views 4 BIBI JONES. Nice. Shout out 2 JON DO & LOVE 2B NEKKED u durty little strokers are gonna BURN 4 ETERNITY! Bwa ha ha ha welcome 2 HELL! #HLD we all burn 2getha!

posted by Lucifer Lordoflies 21 Jul 2012 06:08

877 nice tits toots. BiBi Jones Lx

posted by Lucifer Lordoflies 18 Jul 2012 09:19

Okay peepz i gotta goto work. No rest 4 the wicked. Mebbe drop a pic l8r today. Peace. Luci!

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Lord of Hades & devourer of souls, u r all gonna fry with me! What the actual f? Get wid it. L! 18+ only

This is #KRISSYLYNNXX showing off her sweet little #pussy for #BRAZZERS ... HOUSTON i think we gotta problem #BIBIJONES ... This is #ERIKEVERHARD ...
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