The only place I could download @mynameispro cd at midnite was
♬ 'That Will Be the Day (feat. Jenny Norlin)' - Tedashii ♪
Yep... I'm downloading @Tedashii "Blacklight"! Aren't you?
♬ 'Grateful [The Reprise]' - Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Choir ♪
I just ordered a pizza from my iPhone. Coooool!
♬ 'Never Wave My Flag' - Mary Mary ♪
@mynameispro loving the mixtape bro! God bless you man!♬ 'I'm on Now ' - PRo ♪
♬ 'Show's Over ft. Mitch Parks' - Trip Lee ♪ I ALMOST FORGOT HOW GOOD THIS CD IS!
Fresh fade ✔... But I still gotta  shave tho
♬ 'More' - Lecrae ♪
Is that right? Is it 24 degrees in BR right now?
I think I'm addicted to eBay. smh
26 Degrees in BR,LA right now. 
My first time making somebody quit after the 1st quarter. Smh.
@FreeAppl3 is there a way to adjust the time on weather widget? It's showing a moon @8:00 am.
@FreeAppl3 There's a rainbow on my screen. This is the best theme ever.
@FreeAppl3 I rearranged the order in winterboard. It works now, but it's 12am and it's still showing daylight. Wassup with that?
♬ 'Yes He Will' - Fred Hammond ♪
♬ 'Find Myself In You' - Commissioned ♪
♬ 'Lay Your Troubles Down' - Commissioned ♪
♬ 'More' - Lecrae ♪ .... Y'all gotta get this cd!
♬ 'Psalm 107' - Inspired By...Media Group ♪
Unbelievable!!! Jordan fouls out 3 points away from completing the Jordan Challenge. 
♬ 'One feat KamBINO, Kiki Sheard' - Yaves ♪ Really feelin the mixtape @YavesEllis

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