Travel: I met @iknnaki Yuki on the train. Incredibly happy. He will join Canon 2design cameras. Just graduated!
#iOS6 : I noticed that the data for the "new" maps is from tomtom & "others" - who r "others"? ;-) #Lost #Apple
The Neu iOS 6 Vienna #upgrade perspectives on #Apple (yes, this is where I live)
I finished upgrading 2 of 4 iOS devices. #Apple I am stuck in your ecosystem.
Another reason to love #Vienna.
#MAMK_Update my initial impressions of my Austrian Medical care. #livestrong
I love Austrians! :-) "Skydiver Felix Baumgartner planning 36km record bid"
#MAMK_Update -  First "public" exposure of why I was hospitalized - #CTScan Thorax_Chest (with contrast)
Good night everyone. I will share more tomorrow. Today has been one of those days I will never forget.  #livestrong
You made my day!!!! :-) thank you so very much!!!
#MAMK_Update returned from my MRI experience. I now can imagine what may feel like to be an astronaut :-) I am ok!
I am out of surgery and back in my room.

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