Making chicken!! #housewifeintraining
50's day in school today omg they are so cute with their "tough faces" on!!
Yeah I guess it's ok that I didn't go to Spanish extra credit hahah
Nose piercedd!!
Bostonnn!! Sexxxxxxxxxx
Hehe the new home for the stashhh
Look I'm good at school now!!
I love this sunny beautiful weather!!
Any takers? #fuckcalculus
Holy smokes our ra is sexxayy
Ready to study Calc with @morgan42393 !! #3hours
Huge ass bug in my room #gtfo!
This outfit is for @shelbyyy26 ;)
Wtf Chem hahha
Hahaha I love my roommates @melissaroyal and @shelbyyy26
#effyoucalc #whydiditakethisclass
I maimed myself :(
Running errands on a half tank of gas.. #winning? Please don't run out..
Whaf happens when you get attacked by a cat and a drunk person gives you first aid hahaha
@naomiguna we were crackheads freshman year model UN hahaha. This drawing :: case in point
Apparently I have #michelelindenmuth's signature? @JMBoselli
Rest in peace first shot glass ever. You've given me many good memories
Momo wants to drive!
I want this puppy <3

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