Free professional photography with tampon purchase. WTF?  #fb
I'm hoping it's a sammich. #fb
Just tweeted every inspirational quote at once. #I'mmoredeepthanyousoquititnow #fb
Hey look it's my best friend. #fb
This is a first...never had to move an e-session on account of a wildfire before.
Der booth.
Whoa it's Wizard Jesus!
Susan from The Event Divas brought us flowers! I hope the rest of the vendors who don't give us anything feel bad.
True to our word, we pay our assistants in punch and pie. Thanks for slaving for us all day Zach!
Best parking job ever, IMO.
I dub this statue "Gayliens."
You will look at a cute Christmas picture of my cat.
The band may be a touch loud for @susanstripling...
Reception set up for today's wedding.
What a gorgeous day for a wedding...
Greeeeat flying through a hurricane...
Turning our frowns upside down!
The name is Bong. James Bong.
Pic from today, edited on my iPhone. Been watching ATHF too long. Can't see Alcatraz without thinking Spacecataz.
Back of LCD pic from the LA workshop. Alleyway at 3PM.
Check it out I found my star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

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