Control room reorganization finished. Visually not much different, but it's a way more efficient setup.
About half way done reorganizing the control room. Anyone care to lend a hand?
Perfect day for making new cables #Canare #Star #Quad
Perfect day for making new cables #Canare #Star #Quad
Perfect day for making new cables #Canare #Star #Quad
Sampling a helium tank
I guess you could say I love the Massey L2007
"In The Flesh" by Pink Floyd #dynamics #screenshot
@ziggymarley and me. I played drums on his new single along with @studiodog @kdog_77 @RealLindaPerry @gilbyclarke. Good times!
A U87   a PZM taped to the floor = monstrous stomps  & claps w/ @TheGodsOfMacho.
I'd love to work with this tamborine player in the studio one day. #BrianEno #RoxyMusic
Today was a busy patch bay kind of day:
Seriously digging this image filter in MetaSynth right now
My sonic laboratory
Use it.
Workin' the '52 tele reissue. Love it.
Early morning coffee and sight reading always remind me of my college days....
Best canine Halloween costume ever: #Chewbacca #Dog
To sample, or not to sample? #zucchini #SoundLibrary
Brian Eno interviewed in the new Tape Op. Now that's the kind of mail I enjoy getting. #BrianEno
My to-do list for today:
I'll expain later #WhateverItTakes
Anyone up for some sight reading?
After a loud day of hard rock with #Stonebreed yesterday, the studio seems so quiet and empty now

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