Carmen keeps getting stopped because people want to take her picture.
Happy Mother’s Day
Free Comic Book Day!
Nice, fluffy waffles this morning.
But wait there’s more
Here she goes…
Uh oh…
Ballgame from my hotel room
Good morning Pittsburgh.
Good morning, San Francisco.
This is the course that destroyed us.
This is a man who *loves* his job. (Alain Passard)
Last breakfast in Paris.
Also smaller than expected. I had always thought it was in New York… learning so much this trip!
Burgundy bike ride. Our guide said it was the coldest day he’s ever given the tour. The bicyclists from Brazil were dropping like flies, but we persisted. Wine country is so pretty!
Someone made a much larger replica though.
Note Dame was also smaller than I expected.
The Arc de Triomphe was smaller than I expected.
Under a tower
Day 3 of Paris trip: resorted to ordering an entire head of lettuce, sans dressing. #saladlife
Eating lunch on the Eiffel Tower!

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