Just handed a free book on a train! See Worldbooknight.org
Choc smelling android schwag. #MWC. #whatever
Watching press live blog iPad2 launch. steve looking fine
#MWCapps @dens on stage #mwc11
Marley, a new @TechHub resident, wants to play
.@evarley after wasting some TechHub crashers
.@wireduk just sent me a privacy-invading personalised cover. Cute!
beers with @ethermole & @genmon at moo office warming party
Me and @galiross watching Duffy at #DLD11 party
Rehearsing #DLD2011 lipdub.
#DLD11 kicks off
Hanging with @Roi & @blonde20 at Nana Bar
Interviewed by @ruskin147 about Facebook for BBC lunchtime news & the 6
Just got my personalised cards from @gapingvoid! #gapingvoid
Merry Christmas and Peace to all people. Today I will be enjoying this
#TheApprentice... It's Payback Time
The scene just before two hooligans were removed by security #noah10
Russian tech schwag. Name the first one. #TCMoscow
Russia's minister of Telecoms on stage at #tcmoscow. (middle)

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