@melzie2121 for you :)
A Thanksgiving vlog cc: @runbangrun @Run_Ride_Repeat @DrMarctagon @RunBrandy
I'm now a @fitbit owner :) cc:  @NewVeronica2011 @carrieactually  @Veronica
@NewVeronica2011 I'm using Hal Higdon's 1/2 marathon walking guide. Thanks for your support :)
Dude Siri can't decide between Edward or Jacob. What can you expect from her? Haha!
@TimmoYoung yo dawg this is for you!
@karynbosnak for your collection. Taken in Cancun Mexico :)
Here ya go! Thanks :)
Oh yeah! Gonna get my curly hair on.
@emtucky it was amazing! Here's her singing it. If you ever get a chance to, you MUST see her live.
@emtucky I freaking cried at the concert when she sang that song. I took this vid during her performance
Another purchase enabled by @karenmbb. Wish I found the shea one though.
Yummy summer treat. Only 2 PP+ (under 100 cals each) #weightwatchers
@summertomato I'm eating the same thing :)
Words cannot describe how amazing @officialAdele is live.
Omg! I know that  @oldergirlbeauty & @StyleIT will love this! #scrunchie via @agentlover
What up! I got this in the mail. Do you want it?  16 month calendar.
@karenmbb I think they read your blog :)
@Veronica I tried this one & I was not a fan. But  @karenmbb took it home with her :)
Hey ladies! Look what I got :)  @VampyVarnish @productgirl @oldergirlbeauty
@ettuandyou @cliquetoknow here it is. Btw, it's my first cardigan EVER!
Acabe! :)
@onestopplus seriously your site is down again this week? Very frustrating :(
#ThursdayBling Deborah Lippmann's Superstar  @thedailycookie @symb

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