First moby with G1
added new Hyves posting methods! upload to Hyves blog, Hyves WWW  and/or to your Hyves selected photo album
who wants to test the Moby -> Facebook beta integration? Just send me  a reply! (you may retweet)
Test with iPhone App
Mobypictures are viewed inline in Power Twitter as of tonight integration on Moby, we use the nice new favicons  services to make links more attractive
Soon we're launching the very cool groups feature (now in beta) but  from today we show on the right to which group a posting belongs...
webupload is added to the mix.... make posting via upload from the  web!
Moby mobile website gets tuned! We're hopefully launching it tomorrow!
Working on the mobile site
Did you download the iPhone app yet?
17 OLPC's were fundraised in 12 hours

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