Arrived in Pamplona after today's TT @lavuelta. Waiting for dinner time after my massage, part of the daily routine of @TeamBelkin!
Selfy of today. @lavuelta @TeamBelkin
On the Aircraft carrier of the Spanish navy for the teams presentation.
New eye wear from @rudyproject1985 for me and @keizermartijn. Cool! #totallyconnected
Thrilled to get started. @TeamBelkin @lavuelta #zinin
No comment
My skin suit is ready! Lets get started @TOU14. Long climbs meen long descends too! :-)
Road trip to Cedar City. #TourofUtah here we come! @TeamBelkin
Thanks everyone @TeamBelkin!!! #giro
Powerfood on the restday. #giro. Thanks @jesper_boom. #totallyconnected
And off I go, another day in blue!
Ah Italy, the sun is out and espresso is strong. #giro
Teambusses on the airportground. #giro well organised! !!
Hee @josvanemden is that really your spot?
Signing up for stage 1 #giro
Little work before our course recon.
Selfie of the day #giro @Belfast @TeamBelkin
Good company for @davidjtanner just before @teambelkin is up on the #giro presentation.
Three weeks to finish this book! All the reviews are promising #giro
Checking out the #Belfast circumstances.... coming up a little bike ride. #giro
My racing marks. Thanks @AllezCycling!
Mooi moment! Fietsclinic voor @teampimenco. Ook gezellig met @BreukEB
Live ook GEwelDig @fheinen @vckwieler.

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