Yo @ButtsyButler who gave me $ for these?? I couldn't focus... Ha!!!
Picked this up roadside... #gumbal3000#teamLiveBaitCar116
fun hater.... @gumball08058650 #gumbal3000 #teamLiveBaitCar116
And we are back in the saddle... #gumbal3000  #teamLiveBaitCar116
Roadie bird rescue...
Roadie bird rescue... @zacharyancox @skid_bro
I think @NewFumes is really getting to @waynecoyne
Makin fire with @DeloCreative & @WhiteHillMusic
Getting pedicure from Dazey in the rain... With @IamChillary
Little cat mat be a monkey....
Whale attack!!! @mzmyrtle
Pumps @MizzWelch @mzmyrtle  take care of giant pimple on my ass..
Crew tries to focus today....monkeys.. Love them!!!
My step father steve w big comb @IamChillary love him!!!
Headed to Tulsa @DwellingSpaces to see @DavidBizzaro ATR show w @waynecoyne & @zacharyancox
Games with @zacharyancox
Have I shown you my greeter?
Hand wrestling....
Don't know how this got on the table...
You've gotta be kidding... @waynecoyne
So.. @waynecoyne eats chocolate.. Distracted by phone..
Fire Marshall has shut @WombGallery down... @waynecoyne  Trying to work it out....
Wicked @theflaminglips  show in Aspen Tuesday night!!!!!
And #nitches

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I Love the smell of paint thinner and smoke bombs. Sometimes I wrangle monkeys for The Flaming Lips. Buy me a dirty martini?


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