#GS insan yemeğe kıyamaz. @fatma_clby
This is what I got today from twitter. Its been awhile. Should I forget twitter for tha day
my niece #Ravza being cute.  I love her to death
my baby girl. she is growing so fast. she is 6 months old already. I am hoping to see her this weekend :)
these two are my last choice. I like left one more, which one I should choose? any help
just finished baking.. 8 trays dessert all done. Making them were pretty #crucial
I was breaking walnuts last 2hours. My thumbs hurting, they are numb. We are gonna make lots of dessert w/ it next week
@livelyhood I can send only a pic of it.  Sorry :(
I miss my baby girl to death. Next week I am gonna see her. They come to visit
my burn doesnt look good and it hurts.
this is my first bakering by my own. No mother and sister help. I can cook meal but I am not good at bakering. Now  mission is accomplished
I wanna share my today's burn. Hot water was poured when I was making tea.
my baby girl hanging in the cold. my little angel
I missed my baby girl so much. She is getting bigger and I cant see it...
this is from my mom. I love it. Thanks mom for gorgeous #Ring
I love this #Cheetos.. So delicious
I miss my baby girl. she is getting bigger and bigger. I love you #Ravza. #missyoumuch
look who is on tv? @derekhough
I got my first #NARS and #MAC eye make-up product. As you know, they are little expensive in here (TR)
Look at this angel. She is growing up so fast. Love her so much.
I love this #GermanChocolate
I miss my niece so much. They will be here august 30. I love her so much

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