Filming for my new show #TECH today. I live in the perfect city for it! #Amsterdam #Bangalore #SanFrancisco
Oh hi, buddy.
W/ the charming and talented @SpreeWilson behind the scenes while filming of the new @djafrojack vid.
Tomorrow there's a really cool video coming out that I'm in :-D here's a lil #behindthescenes preview... :)
@Darenzia @DitaVonTeese "untitled new ballet"
You, @DitaVonTeese, are going to LOVE Dutch designer Iris van Herpen's new costumes for the New York City ballet!
Fortune chocolate #youknowwhoyouare
I guess this is what they would call #ThrowbackThursday, haha! ;-) Almost 10yrs ago in #2004
According to this study, I must be a guy. I would like my penis now, please.
@SpreeWilson lovely meeting you! ;-)
Well, this is exciting! #universiteitvanNL
Heb ik nou #Eetgeendierendag gemist?! Luckily every day is eat no animals day for me, 15yrs and not a day regret. :)
Wow. Bars & restaurants w/ drunk guests risk being closed. Amsterdam, you are officially dead.
I should be at some party, but instead #cuddles. ;-)
Heeeey wat leuk! Ik sta in @gersmagazine ;-) #Roffa010 #Rotterdam #homeiswheretheheartis
What is wrong with this picture?
Your daily cute. Had to constrain myself not to steal the lil’ thing! #Daaaaaaw
This little exclamation mark is Facebooks way of letting you know they demand knowing exactly where you work.
Work doesn’t stop just cuz you’re at the hairdresser…;-)
Pad thai worked out. Kind of screwed it up w/ olive oil by lack of peanut oil but fixed it w/ herbs ‘n stuff. Yay.
@petrakramer @esther_305 @JuliaJaymes @LeeCamp again?! ;-) Sure! :-D
Oohhh this is a great development! I hope the tourists get it now… ;-) Amsterdam
The most beautiful woman in the world turns 79 today. Happy birthday Sophia Loren! Many more graceful years wished.
@LauraJansen Huiswerk. ;-)

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