The lab... #DrMarysMonkey
Still has a helluva voice, even from the nosebleeds #SaengerTheaterNOLA #Morrissey
Wait...when did these change?
@AsaSoltan Loves me some Hamburg and a PersianPopPriestess
@the_cats_mum Still at hosi. Jussum bugs. Movin outta LA so spend all free time settin up accounts n posting resume
@ithildin_lass YES!! Another Walt moment!! #BreakingBad
I feel like Walt before he ended up nekked in the grocery story frozen section.
heh heh heh heh... come here li'l mouseh :d
Let's get something straight...
This tree be kinda scary
@LambertTibayan pffff, every now&then. Looky-looky my li'l wooky (not a hairy reference)
@ithildin_lass I was watching zombies last night. Up early cos I dreamt they made off with my puff. #bastards
Yes, I got the memo #PrimitiveCommuniqué
@LambertTibayan sorry, got stuck on this... NiteNite #NoBodyPart sorry!
@LambertTibayan invisible sun
@LambertTibayan Spirits in the material world...
Message in a bottle
@LambertTibayan Ghost in a machine!
@LambertTibayan I see you
When a zombie has you by the hair, get your friend to pick its nose. #Friendship
How 'bout a vegan pecan stuffed beignet from Breads on Oak? RT @strchsr2  or grab us couple crawfish PO boys

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