@govchristie @govpencein @senatorreed @indgop @inhousegop @indems @insendems GET THIS GEN IN CHECK OR STEP ASIDE
@govchristie @govpencein @senatorreed @indgop @inhousegop @indems @insendems I CALL ON ALL TO ADDRESS ATTACKS FACEONATTACKS
@govchristie @govpencein @senatorreed @indgop @inhousegop @indems @insendems BOOMERS HAVE FOUND THE INTERNET
@govchristie @govpencein @senatorreed @indgop @inhousegop @indems @insendems LET THEM KNOW FB ISNT JUST A GANG BEAT
@govchristie @govpencein @senatorreed @indgop @inhousegop @indems @insendems HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR WORDS AS U R
@govchristie @govpencein @senatorreed @indgop @inhousegop @indems @insendems SOME HAS TO ADDRESS DIRECT TO PEOPLE
@govchristie @govpencein @senatorreed @indgop @inhousegop @indems @insendems RESPOND. I WILL ADD A MEDIA FOR EACH.
Taking into account I also got the album from their 1st personal 20 prints that is being released sept 9th
When they played the Mel 1/31/14
Props to Jimmy Murray for the Course rec @fuzzysvodka #IDOSTU
Bachelor party weekend Golf/Bourbon trail prep. Golf+Bourbon=? @Titleist #TeamTitleist #IDOSTU
Now got this to show up with
I think this guy sells SWORDS AND KNIFES super late night. @danieltosh #molestervan
#usa #mybday #soccer #winning
@HankDHaney side view
@HankDHaney MY FUTURE WIFE 10/25/14 wants to pass the PAT. I am working on the left arm and address WHAT ELSE YOU SEE
@papajohns WAS TOLD THIS ORDER WAS PLACED 15 mins ago. This stores delivery people are great. In store personal very disappointing and I only order online.
@PatMcAfeeShow give a retweet for @Do317lounge w/ best up and coming bands in the country. Chillen on a couch w brews
I cant thank the amazing #TeamTitleist tour Team enough for dream day. Thanks to A.D. & very special thanks to M.Fr.
YEP!!! ON MY WAY TO PICK UP CURTS!!!! AND IT BEGINS!!!! @freeway_real @mnitowski @WeglarzD @2_Shoos #freewayssendoff
Thanks to my amazing little lady and #TeamTitleist for an amazing yearly bday surprise
Hair looks good here Merv #tnt #TNT #BeatTheHeat

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