York Minster, York, England
12 Feb 2010 22:24

York Minster, York, England 

This evening the focus of my post is York Minster in York, following a short visit earlier today. This is a truly stunning building of major historic significance.

The name Minster is a derivation of Mynster which is an Anglo-Saxon name for missionary church.

The current cathedral is located on a very historic site dating back to Roman times, specifically the Roman Principia where Constantine may have been proclaimed Emperor in AD306. Saxon and Viking grave markers have also been found.

A Norman Cathedral was commenced 1080 with further extensions and embellishments in1160AD (new eastern arm), 1220 (South Transept commenced),1270 (North Transept), 1290 (Chapter House), 1340 ((Nave),1373 (Lady Chapel) and 1470 (Central Tower).

The Minster suffered fire damage in 1829, 1840 and 1984.

From an architecture perspective,the building includes Early English Gothic, Decorated Gothic and Perpendicular Gothic.

I hope to undertake a more detailed visit of the Cathedral and climb the 275 steps up the Central Tower to avail of the spectacular views over the City and Vale of York. Should prove good exercise and burn a few caleries up!
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York Minster, York, England York Minster, York, England Viking Europe
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