La dolce vita #nyc fine tuning opportunities with @TomLimongello
Psyched 4 my @schneideroptics interchangeable IphoneCam lenses.  Fisheye, WideAngle, 2XTele.Rest in peace #DSLR lenses!
dressed like this - it's not way out of your league “@davemcclure: just realizing how much NYC is #WayOuttaMyLeague”
Jeopardy: What is style @davemcclure
@nisselson: @500Startups nyc demo day packed crowd waiting for the #500strong presentations to start
@davemcclure always an inspiration - on montreal stage at #startupfest  - it's the competitive "Fuck You" session...
Another pic for @pkedrosky @howardlindzon and the #startupfest audience to write the best caption
enjoyed moderating talk with @howardlindzon via skype @pkedrosky on stage in Montreal at #startupfest
@ceduardo kicking off @seedcamp #zagreb with a packed room of entrepreneurs and investors from europe and US #carpediem
@mmeeker @AlexisTryon forget the onion - the steak and malbec is where it's at. Long live @palermovalley #argentina
@ggdm check out this sunset - next time you have to join... #carpediem
@DeltaAssist @delta young kids & all tired. New crew is not fully here yet - hope we don't wait much more on plane...
Nice Art @MikeBrownJr and always great to catch up #carpediem

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