£11 - half price today. Not bad
Tweeting with 4G.  Wow.
Black coffee. Toast and marmalade
@Scmm75 currently in the same boat. Buying junk on amazon.
Music question. How so you play slurred dotted quavers like these?
New lock screen :) less than 11 weeks to go
Yah. Coming north ♬ 'Etude in C Major,  Op.10, No. 1' - Chopin ♪
The Shard. #virtual
Looks like some cake baking is in progress
Ted - any good?
@markbrown83 that's it. It's longer and thinner than the 3.0
@LilyofLumley lol. :)
:)♬ 'Good Vibrations' - The Beach Boys ♪
Sounds a bit like Harry Potter
♬ 'God By Another Name' - Ben's Brother ♪
@alnicholl77 best keep the bell for yourself to summon them. I find it most effective.
The perfect Father's Day pressie for me ;) #justsaying
Afternoon sky #bayern
@Popher oh dear. Strippy tie
Old family postcard album
@YourMrBumbles good morning fellow insomniac. I'm downstairs with hot milk and biscuits.
waldmeister bowle @nausea18
April #library

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