Just passing by. @alnicholl77
Awh.  Thanks Mrs Moo :)
Windows 7 running on my Mac. How did that happen ? #citrix
Home made verlängerter #coffee
Cake for breakfast ...again 🐽🐽
♬ 'Free' - Helen Jane Long ♪
♬ 'Moonshine' - Bruno Mars ♪
Snowing in way home
HELLO FOLKS ♬ 'Hello' - Adele ♪
Second controller arrived
@thepainterflynn rss discovery is now in Dundee
I had steak and chocolate for lunch, today. On the same plate with salad. Really.
So I borrowed this from @alnicholl77 and emailed it to the Moolings. #Summer #lifeofdad
@alnicholl77 pic
Who knows what this is! #oldschool
Maybe wine and superglue wasn't a great plan! #americanpie duh
An interesting wee bag - sealed securely but doesn't unseal. Never seen those before
♬ 'Drawing Board' - George Ezra ♪
It's cold again and wet. #winetime
How very friendly of Microsoft #applesupport
♬ 'Etude in C Minor Op. 10, No. 12' - Chopin ♪ on delayed train but catching up time.
Oh. Just back. Time for a cup of tea & feet up!

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